Getting used to life off camera

By Chris Lewis | Vol. 12 No. 11 (May 30, 2019)

Topsail girl and Spaniard’s Bay boy keep the romance going as Big Brother’s lights fade to black

Despite spending more than a month with no outside communication, two Big Brother houseguests say they are more than willing to do it all over again.

Samantha Picco from Topsail has always had a knack for being front and center. She admittedly loves being the centre of attention, which is exactly why she felt as though she’d be a good fit for the seventh season of Big Brother Canada.

Adam Pike (left) and Samantha Picco are the two contestants from Newfoundland featured on the seventh season of Big Brother Canada. The two developed a relationship on the show, which fans have since dubbed as ‘Sadam.’

Adam Pike (left) and Samantha Picco are the two contestants from Newfoundland featured on the seventh season of Big Brother Canada. The two developed a relationship on the show, which fans have since dubbed as ‘Sadam.’

That hunch turned out to be a good one, as Picco was not only chosen to be one of 15 houseguests on the show from across the country, but also managed to stick it out well into the show’s broadcast season.

Big Brother is a reality game show that features some 15 participants sharing a house in Toronto, where they have no contact with the outside world – no cell phones, no computers, just themselves and an evolving series of tests and competitions designed to amp up the drama and relationship fireworks. After the houseguests take part in physical and mental challenges each week, they get together to evict one person from the house. The sole remaining livyer wins the contest.

The interpersonal drams, bickering and rivalries are monitored and recorded by cameras 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The footage is livestreamed to the Big Brother website, encouraging the houseguests to always be in performance mode for fans who may tune in at any given moment to see what their favourite houseguests are up to.

Neither Picco nor fellow houseguest Adam Pike from Spaniard’s Bay seemed too bothered by living in such a bubble on view to the outside world.

In fact, Picco and Pike developed an on-screen romance, which fans refer to as ‘Sadam’ as a combination of the pair’s names. Their relationship became a staple of the show, ultimately only adding to the emotional aspect of evictions from the house.

Picco lasted in the house up until day 41. Pike managed to stick it out until day 64, making him one of the final four.

Both participants told The Shoreline they thoroughly enjoyed their time on the show, and would go back in a heartbeat. However, now that the show is done and over with, they are trying to adjust to living regular lives.

Fans will be pleased to see that the spark between Picco and Pike did not end with the show. The couple is busy juggling some appearances, all while getting used to not having cameras watching their every move.

“What I love is the feedback and the positivity, and I want to give back to the people that took so much time to watch us three days a week,” said Picco. “It’s been so overwhelming, but I want to give back to the people that have put so much into us. So those first couple days were definitely a bit strange - going to the washroom and you’re worried about taking off your mic pack, but then you realize it isn’t there anymore, or trying to spray perfume without getting it on the mic. It almost feels weird that you’re not doing that now.”

Picco said there are a bunch of habits the two are still trying to get themselves out of. “Just being able to be a little bit more free in the way that you act is great,” she said. “Those little things that are so normal to you in regular life are taken away from you in the Big Brother house, so it’s weird making that transition.”

Pike echoed those thoughts, noting he still has not gotten used to the fact that there are likely tens of thousands of Newfoundlanders who are total strangers to him, yet know his name and face.

“It hasn’t really clicked in yet. I went to Costco the other day, and I was paying, and this one person asked for a picture. Then, 20 people come up to me asking the same thing. I’m not used to it, but it’s amazing all the same,” he said.

Picco, knowing that her appearance on the show has left her with a sizeable fanbase, sees it as an opportunity to make an impact.

“If someone knows who I am, then let me make your life better,” she said. “If you’re going to be recognized for something, then why not let that be something good? If you’re able to turn this into something good and positive for everyone, then I think that’s the ultimate goal.”

The secret to success on the show, and afterwards? Both Picco and Pike said it boils down to being yourself.

This year was Pike’s fifth time auditioning for the show. He said that each time he tried out, he stayed true to himself, and didn’t switch up his presence as an attempt to make it on the broadcas.

He added the producers can tell who is being real, and who is simply putting on a show to try and make it as a contestant.

“Every single season, there’s different people - the group last year was totally different form this year. The way they pick the people, it’s almost like a puzzle. Who fits in with what group,” Pike explained. “I wasn’t a good fit for the last four years, but I was good for this season, so my only advice is to just keep at it, be yourself, and don’t get discouraged.”

Posted on June 12, 2019 .