Bringing back the Paddy McCarthy story

The story of Paddy McCarthy will be hitting the stage at MerryMeeeting Arts and Crafts in Renews.

The Life of Paddy Iron McCarthy, adapted by Randy Crane from the popular play of the same name, based upon the true story of Paddy’s life recorded in It's Like a Dream to Me: Paddy Iron McCarthy of Renews Relives His First Hundred Years by Bertha Thorne, is a one man play performed by Crane.

Posted on June 27, 2019 .

Getting used to life off camera

Topsail girl and Spaniard’s Bay boy keep the romance going as Big Brother’s lights fade to black

Despite spending more than a month with no outside communication, two Big Brother houseguests say they are more than willing to do it all over again.

Posted on June 12, 2019 .

‘Them days’

You can take the boy out of the bay, but you can’t take the bay out of the boy.

A fairly common expression in Newfoundland, and one which Chris Morry felt fit his late father Thomas Graham Morry perfectly.

Posted on June 12, 2019 .

'Honey bees, whales, and puffins, oh my'

The City of St. John’s hosted their annual Tourism Awards presentation at City Hall Tuesday, May 14, recognizing individuals and businesses that they say contribute to the tourism sector in the province.

The winner of the Discovery Award is a familiar business in the Goulds that introduced a new twist last season.

Posted on June 12, 2019 .

Towns sign East Coast Trail agreement

Communities along the east coast are showing their continued support for the East Coast Trail, which is celebrating 25 years this summer.

Petty Harbour—Maddox Cove and Bay Bulls both signed memorandums with the East Coast Trail Association (ECTA) in March. For Petty Harbour—Maddox Cove it was the second time and for Bay Bulls the first. Both agreed to work together to preserve, enhance, and protect the trail.

The agreements allow the ECTA to participate in municipal budget consultations and submit funding requests.

Both councils and the ETCA commit to a review of the terms after the election of a new council.

The recent signings bring the total number of communities with active memorandums to ten.

Petty Harbour first signed on in May 2015, one of the first communities to do so. Two trails, the Cape Spear Path and Motion Path, run through the community.

Bay Bulls is the first Southern Shore community to sign a memorandum with the ECTA. The town is home to two ECTA-maintained trails, Spout Path and Mickleens Path.

Posted on May 29, 2019 .

Top hands in the hardware trade

A local Home Hardware store was a finalist in a national competition.

Dan and Kim McDonald, operators of McDonald’s Home Hardware, have been serving the Goulds and area for 27 years.

Their store is a staple of the Goulds’ Main Road.

Posted on May 29, 2019 .