Mayor Mullowney happy with progress made in Bay Bulls

By Mike Moore | Irish Loop Post

Rounding out 2018 the Mayor of Bay Bulls, Harold Mullowney, says he’s happy with how things are working out with the new town council, and is optimistic about the future.

Mullowney says there were no major challenges facing Bay Bulls in 2018, other than no matched provincial or federal funding for projects such as road work that had to come directly out of the town’s budget.

“There’s no government money. This is all on us,” Mullowney said in an interview last week.

“A lot of it is waiting. We were waiting each year hoping the Municipal Capital Works funding would come through. It never did, and you can’t wait forever.”

The town will continue to apply for funding moving forward, and has big projects in the hopper for 2019, according to Mullowney.

The previous council had a turbulent relationship at best, with infighting and accusations of conflict of interest often spilling over into public council meetings. However, with a new council in place the mayor says he feels everyone is onboard for the right reasons, often meeting several times a month outside of regular council meetings.

“They’re there to do things for the town, and they’re not there to pick fights with each other on a regular basis,” he said.

“Hopefully that page is behind us. We have a council now where people are working very hard to get things done. They’re putting in an awful lot of hours, an awful lot of meetings … That’s a lot of commitment from those people, and I’m really pleased to have them around the table.”

Posted on January 9, 2019 .