Correction requested to 'Chicken coop' story

In reference to the chicken coop in Witless Bay owned by Gideon Barker and Jaclyn Humphries, I, being Jaclyn's father, was in attendance at the Appeal Board and correct you in referencing Edward Vickers as Barker's and Humphries' legal representative. Mr. Vickers did not represent them and Vickers' name should be omitted from the article and Barker's name referenced instead as Barker made all noted comments directly to the Appeal's Board himself. Vicker's only involvement was as a friend who made a couple of comments at the tail end of Baker's submission. I strongly feel that it would be in order for the Irish Loop Post to print a retraction in their next edition of the newspaper.


Jack Humphries

Editor’s Note: Mr. Humphries, thank you for the correction. Please consider this a retraction regarding the part of the story you noted.

Posted on December 13, 2018 .