Cape Broyle student wins McCain scholarship

     An 18 year old graduate of Baltimore High has won one of the most coveted scholarships in Atlantic Canada.
     Olivia Carew of Cape Broyle was accorded the $16,000 Harrison McCain scholarship based on her academic performance in her final year of studies as well as other requirements, including leadership ability and a demonstrated willingness to work to fund one’s own education.
     The scholarship was named for one of the most powerful businessmen in the region, the former co-owner of McCain Foods, who passed away in 2004.
     Showing the entrepreneurial and hard work attributes that McCain characterized, Carew has been working summers since she was 14 as a waitress at the Riverside Restaurant. She was nominated for the scholarship by her school. Applicants have to attain at least an 80 per cent average in their studies. Carew had an average of about 86 per cent this past school year.
     “She’s a hard little worker,” said her mom Susan Carew, who understandably, is pretty proud of her daughter, who tutors other students and is also a talented singer. “She’s a well-rounded girl… She’s marvellous.”
     In September, Olivia plans to take the first year university courses at Memorial University that are necessary to enter the School of Pharmacy. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Her best subjects are many students’ most difficult ones – math and chemistry. “I’d rather that stuff than the study subjects,” she said, laughing.
     For a long time, Carew was thinking she would study engineering, but changed her mind. “I really want to help people, more than anything,” she explained. “Engineering is a good job, but it doesn’t give you a chance to help out people, if you know what I mean.”
     Carew said she has a cousin who is a pharmacist and that has influenced her choice too.
Along with the $4,000 a year from the McCain Foundation, Carew will get tuition vouchers for her hours spent helping other students with math and science through the Tutoring for Tuition program.
     Along with performing in school concerts – she likes to sing country songs – Carew has also been a perennial member of Baltimore’s basketball and softball teams.
She admits to being a bit nervous about moving to St. John’s this fall to attend Memorial University. “It’s going to be a big change, going from 300 students to however many thousand are out there,” she said.
     But Carew is excited and said she is thankful to her school for nominating her for the scholarship.

Posted on August 7, 2015 .