Students show leadership, dedication in variety of sports

With a handful of championships in everything from soccer and basketball to cheerleading, plus enthusiastic contributions in ice and ball hockey, volleyball, softball and other sports, the students, teachers and coaches at Mobile Central High School have much to be satisfied with this past school year.
Like all the school’s in the coverage area of the Irish Loop Post, the students at Mobile High are distinguished for their team spirit, dedication and in many cases, athletic prowess.
The school recently held a banquet to pay tribute to all the student athletes and their coaches who represented Mobile Central High and their repsective communities this past year. Below are the individual members who stood out in the four main categories for each team: Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, Best Defensive Player and Most Sportsmanlike.
Boys Ice Hockey
MVP Kieran O’Driscoll; Most Improved A.J. Doyle; Best Defensive Player Jeremy Legge;
Sportsmanship Award Tyler Yard
Grade 7 Girls Basketball        
MVPs  Maggie Pottle and Caroline Murphy; Most Improved Rachel Lundrigan; Best Defensive Brooke Walsh; Sportsmanship Kathleen Murphy
Grade 8 Boys Basketball
MVPs Gavin Wall and Sean Wilson; Most Improved Patrick Maloney; Best Defensive Kurtis Clarke; Sportsmanship Ryan Power
Grade 8 Girls Basketball  
MVP Bridget Gatherall; Most Improved Victoria Maloney;
Best Defensive Jessica Carey;
Sportsmanship Amelia O’Driscoll
Grade 9 Boys Basketball   
MVPs Brendan Houlihan and Sean Wilson; Most Improved Cody Glynn; Best Defensive Gavin Wall; Sportsmanship Antonio Riberio
Grade 9 Girls Basketball   
MVP Meagan Mullowney; Most Improved McKenna Walsh; Best Defensive Nikita Harvey; Sportsmanship Dayna Power
Under 16 Boys Basketball  
MVP Luke Gatherall; Most Improved Kieran O’ Driscoll; Best Defensive Luke Power; Sportsmanship Jack Williams
Under 16 Girls Basketball    
MVP Sarah Walsh; Most Improved Hailey Power; Best Defensive Dana Mullowney; Sportsmanship Hayley Murphy
Under 17 Girls Basketball 
MVP Kendra Tobin; Most Improved Nikita Harvey; Best Defensive Janine Coombs; Sportsmanship Hailey Power
Senior Boys Basketball
MVP Jeremy Legge; Most Improved Tristan Melvin; Best Defensive Nick Power; Sportsmanship Dylan Woolridge
Senior Girls Basketball
MVP Brianna Walsh; Most Improved Stephanie Puddester;
Best Defensive Emily Walsh;
Sportsmanship Maria Sullivan
Cheerleaders of the Year Kathleen Houlihan and Caroline Murphy; Most Spirited Cheerleader Gabrielle Norris; Most Improved Junior Cheerleader Erin Walsh; Most Improved Senior Cheerleader Sarah Walsh; Most Dedicated Junior Cheerleader Meagan Mullowney; Most Dedicated Senior Cheerleader Bridget Keating
Junior Girls Hockey
MVP Jennifer Bidgood; Most Improved Chantelle Delaney; Best Defense (Baltimore Award) Christy Alyward; Sportsmanship Nikita Harvey
Under 17 Boys Basketball
MVP Tristan Melvin; Most Improved Lucas White; Best Defensive Luke Gatherall; Sportsmanship Kieran O’Driscoll
Senior Girls Soccer
MVP Chantal Armstrong; Most Improved Bridget Keating; Best Defensive Amanda Dalton; Sportsmanship Rachel Tobin
Senior Boys Softball
MVP Colin Dunphy; Most Improved Dylan Woolridge; Best Defensive Nick Walsh; Sportsmanship Trevor Hicks
Senior Girls Softball Slo-pitch
MVP Brittany O’Driscoll; Most Improved Chelsea Corrigan; Best Defensive Brianna Walsh; Sportsmanship Laura Tobin
Junior Boys Hockey
MVP Brendan Houlihan; Most Improved Ryan Noel; Best Defensive Kendall Power; Sportsmanship Devon O’Brien
Senior Girls Ball Hockey
MVP Emily Walsh; Most Improved Ericka Carew; Best Defensive Brianna Walsh; Sportsmanship Chantal Armstong
Boys Ball Hockey
MVPs Mitchell O’Driscoll and  Nick Walsh; Most Improved  Colin Dunphy; Best Defensive  Jeremy Legge; Sportsmanship  Christian Walsh
Senior Girls Hockey
MVP Brianna Walsh; Most Improved Emily Walsh; Best Defensive Keesha Power; Sportsmanship Award Chelsey Healey
Junior Girls Softball
2014 Fastpitch
MVP Brittany O’ Driscoll; Most Improved Maria Sullivan; Best Defensive Alyssa Power; Sportsmanship Hayley Power
Girls Senior Volleyball
MVP Kathleen Houlihan; Most Improved Brittany O’ Driscoll; Best Defensive Dana Mullowney; Sportsmanship Alyssa Power
Junior Girls Softball
2015 Fast pitch
MVP Jennifer Bidgood; Most Improved Meagan Mullowney; Best Defensive McKenna Walsh; Sportsmanship Dayna Power

Junior Male Athlete of the Year
Brendan Houlihan
Junior Female Athlete of the Year Meagan Mullowney
Senior Male Athletes of the Year
Colin Dunphy and Jeremy Legge

Senior Female Athletes of the Year Brianna Walsh and Kathleen Houlihan
Junior Male Academic
&Athletic Award
Adam Lake

Junior Female Academic
& Athletic Award
McKenna Walsh

Senior Male Academic
& Athletic Award
Nick Walsh
Senior Female Academic
& Athletic Award
Kathleen Houlihan

Bill Mulcahy Award
Tristan Melvin

David Emberley Award for Senior Male Athletes
Nick Walsh and Jeremy Legge

David Emberley Award
Senior Female Athlete
Emily Walsh

Posted on June 24, 2015 .